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Morgan & Mom - Know The Hope


Happy 2017! Wishing you a happy and blessed new year.  Here's the latest update.


 Know The Hope, Inc. offers autism awareness presentations to faith communities, schools, and places of business.  Morgan & Mom share our family's experience through stories and songs to give you a personal view of life on the autism spectrum.  For more information, please email:


Thoughts and Thanks:

One of the most difficult challenges for Morgan is something we call “trigger words”... To read more, check out this month's Know The Hope Blog: 

When Words Hurt

Morgan's Fashion Show Gold Dress


Know TheHOPE, Inc. is dedicated to helping communities see Ability, and helping parents see Possibility.  


February - Nashville, TN

Songwriting Workshop with Les Kerr through VSA Arts - Private event

February 10th - Gallatin, TN

1:00 pm Sumner County Schools - Private event

Morgan & Mom - Know The Hope Autism Presentation


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