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It's September and everyone is back to busy.  Hope the warm evenings bring you a little backyard time to chill.  Here's the latest:


 I'm honored to be among the nominees for this year's USAGEM songwriter of the year.  Thank you USAGEM.  

Songwriting is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  Although I enjoy "solo-writing", co-writing helps me continue to learn and grow.  I sat down recently with Tony Ray Jones at Backwoods Recording Studio to talk about co-writing.  Click here to listen to the interview.

Thoughts and Thanks:

"Let's think of something to do while we're waiting." - Fred Rogers

Morgan is all about putting events on her calendar.  Her enthusiasm is contagious as she talks about every detail she's looking forward to.  However, there can be a fine line between expection and obsession.  Obsessive Compulsive Disaorder (OCD) is my daughter's ever present companion.  I have seen it steal her joy on many occasions.  Sometimes it will have her so focused on a future event that she's unable to see the fun that's right in front of her.

Any of us can get so caught up in tomorrow's possibilities that we miss the sweet simple pleasures of the here and now.  In my ongoing quest to help Morgan learn how to wait with joy, I've been given an unexpected gift.  Whether it's learning to draw our favorite characters, watering a flower to help it grow, testing out a new recipe, or watching a fire burn under the stars, I've found there are countless wonderful things to enjoy while we're waiting.  Once again, I am thankful for Mr. Rogers and his words of wisdom. ;-)

Drawing Fun with Morgan Drawing Fun With Morgan




Friday Sept 27th - Hendersonville, TN

Hendersonville First Baptist Church

Buddy Break

Private Event


Tuesday October 1st - Nashville, TN

Performing with Logan Blade  - Details TBA


Saturday October 5th  - Nashville, TN

Autism Speaks Walk 

Performing with Logan Blade - Details TBA


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