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Morgan & Mom - Know The Hope

WOW!!!!!!! I listened in awe of the lyrics to your songs and could totally relate. God has BLESSED us with miracles! Brayn has taught us more then Davis and I will ever teach him. He overcomes the doctors, teachers, tutors reports and we know that is thew prayers that go up and the BLESSINGS that Jesus pours down on us. Thanks for sharing your inspirational music and for the muscis you did with the class last year Serving with you Tammy
You're wonderful. I enjoyed listening to you last Sunday at Immanuel Baptist Church.
I found your site through 3ABN where I was given your website. I havea a friend who has a 13 yr. old high functioning autistic boy. He has become a problem and is currently at a ranch for problem boys. The trouble is they have and are pretty much reversing all the hard things she had to do and go through to get him able to concentrate and respond. What or is there anywhere, anyone she can contact for help or more information? The ranch her son is at is in Idaho; the name of the city starts with a "M" but that is all I know at present. I told her I would join her search for help. Can you?
recorded at tommy jordan... have songs as a songwriter that has a chance to make it.... if interested contact me at 251-599-5264
Had the pleasure of seeing you at the Bluebird Cafe on April 26th. I was there with my son, best friend and her son. We all enjoyed the music a great deal. God Bless. Hope to hear you again sometime.
Hi Tammy: Mobile's autism group is becoming very active. On autisn day they lit the RSA tower blue. Keep up the good work. When in Mobile please stop by. Regards Dr. Ricg
I enjoyed your devotional thought in Love Out Loud. I, too, have a daughter with autism; she was diagnosed @ 4 and is now 9. Looked through your pictures here and hoping you can share some information on the quad bike!! Our daughter is beyond the training wheel bike size, yet can't balance to ride alone. Your bike design would be great for us!!!
Rose and I read your devotional this morning. Am visiting as a result.
Wonderful c.d,loved it.I am so happy to have a Superstar in the family.I wanted to know how Rudy is doing after the pain he sounded like he was in on the Christmas video.Take care,hug everybody for me.Luv ya
great songs!
hi tammy we are still alive down here in texas. asI look at these great things you are doing, God has blessed. tell morgan i said hi! i still have visions and songs in my head and heart. its just that last year was doozy as my G- mother would say, more later
always loved hearing you sing...irma
I'm sorry I lost touch for a while. I love the new song.
Hey Tammy, I love your music. God's love shines in you, your music, and your beautiful family. Keep up the good work!
Loved your new song....but still like the old one's too....miss you guys! We need to keep in touch more but your schedule is as bad as mine!
Keep up the good work, Tammy. Families like ours need you. God bless you. Your music is great.
God blessed you Tammy with one sweet voice. Love the music!
Tammy, What a great Site! If you would like, I can inquire about Camelot for Kids/Norris Academy helping you in any way we can with your activities during the year. Mike
Tammy, I saw just a bit of a program with Melodie Walker on TCT this morning. My husband heard you talking about your daughter having autisum if I'm not mistaken. He came to me to share what he was listening to. Anyway we can really identify, our son Donald is on the spectrum and he also has Down Syndrome. I really was so touched by the song you sang, thank you God! It might be called "Don't give up on me", anyway great lyrics I'm really enjoying all I'm hearing. I really think parents and all people who love someone with special needs will be lifted up! I'm just hearing Morgan smiled today, just now as I am writing, wow, I'm gonna bookmark your site. Thank you for your ministry. God bless and take care. Sincerely, Donna Armstrong
Just visited to make sure I had the correct URL before recommending it to someone else. I listened & loved it & wept the good tears, as Chessie said. Blessings to you & yours.
Enjoyed the new CD. Some of the songs made me cry and some made me smile which is the perfect combination to awesome music. Good job Tammy!
Blue Rose just brought the good tears. What lovely music.
Hi,Ithank you go to the same church as my neice Dena Cull.I have listened to your singing and really enjoyed it. Very pretty. I'm an unknown gospel song writer but I love to praise Him in song. If you get time my webb is
Tammy, you've come a long way from the K&B! Sound better and better all the time. God Bless, Layne
Love your music
Great site! I printed off your flyer and gave it to our art teacher here at King's Daughter's School. I am very excited to meet you and for you to meet my students when we do our Words and Music day at the country music hall of fame! Thanks for raising Autism awareness! God Bless!
Tammy: I got your newsletter and listened to "Morgan Smiled Today". It is beautiful and I love it...everything about of luck in the New Year. Ernie
Great lyrics. Love the music.
Hey there cousin, the new site looks GREAT!
Love the music. You are a terrific songwriter.
Hi, Tammy! Just saying Hello. I hope you guys are well!
Tammy I like the new site !
I think the new site looks great!