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Morgan & Mom - Know The Hope

More Than Just Getting By

by Tammy Vice

Released 2010
GodsChild Records
Released 2010
GodsChild Records
From soothing acoustics to full band, There's a little something here for everyone in the family. For better of worse, it's about hanging in there and celebrating everything life brings. A portion of all proceeds go to support autism awareness.
Thoughts and Thanks:

I guess you could say this collage of songs is a family portrait, painted with words and music. It’s who and what I believe in, how I get through the hard days, and where I find my joy. I hope as you listen, you’ll hear things we have in common and be able to paint a portrait of your own.

My thanks to everyone who had a part in creating this project. To the writers, musicians, and vocalists; you picked & mixed the paint. To the producer and engineers; you guided the strokes on the canvas. To the REAL artists from Rachel Motta’s Art Class at The King’s Daughters’ School, the photographer, and the graphic designer; you helped us see the music, gave it a beautiful frame, and hung it on the wall. Kenneth Johnson, Jr., a special thanks to you for your pencil portrait. It was an honor to work with all of you.

To God, my family, and friends, who’s love continues to bless me. I leave you this quote:
“So much has been given to me. I don’t have time to ponder what I’ve been denied.” Helen Keller

Know The Hope,

Tammy Vice