Breaking The Chains

Tammy Vice

An acoustic collection of songs, with many "I've been there" moments for the whole family. Full of laughter, tears, and healing. This project is dedicated to individuals on the autism spectrum, and those who love them.

This Nashville recording artist is produced by GodsChild Records. Her other CDs include “Love Can Grow” and “Miracles & Memories”.

Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Tammy has performed her music nationwide at special events, festivals, churches, conferences, workshops, and music venues, including Nashville’s prestigious Bluebird Cafe. She has also appeared on worldwide television and radio programs.

As a songwriter, Tammy has met with success in the Christian Country format. She has had two songs; “I’ve Got An Attitude” and “Take The Wheel”, reach number one in the charts.

She also wrote the theme song for “Come On In”. As an artist, her recording of “That’s The Way” reached number one on the respected CCRB charts, now known as Christian Music Weekly.

She currently serves on the Board of the Autism Society of Middle Tennessee, and has spoken on parent and professional panels regarding autism issues.

Know The Hope:

"Sometimes what we think will be our greatest trials turn out to be our biggest blessings. I asked God for patience and flexibility. He gave me Allison and Morgan...”

If children came with an owner’s manual, we’d all feel a lot more confident in the countless decisions that have to be made regarding their health and their future. Instead we learn together, by trial and error, wrapped in love.

As parents of children with special needs, the goals may change, but the dreams are the same. We want our children to live a happy and fulfilled life, blossoming into everything God intended them to be.

Tammy brings you encouraging messages of hope and inspiration through her music and personal stories. A true country songbird, Tammy’s songs are about the importance of friends, the love of family, and God’s eternal goodness.
The purpose of Know The Hope Ministries is to support and strengthen families by helping listeners maintain focus on the important things in life. She integrates autism awareness into her program to help families like her own adapt to the everyday challenges of raising children with special needs, and give guidance to faith communities on how to include families of children with disabilities.

“I have been in that place of isolation and hopelessness. I know what it’s like to be consumed with fear and doubt. My heart is for families who are still there. I hope, through sharing what I’ve learned in my family’s journey, that we can all get to a better place.”

Know The Hope,

Tammy Vice

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