April 2013 Newsletter Tammy Vice


Happy April!  Hope this finds you doing well. 


April is National Autism Awareness Month.  The Autism Society of Middle Tennessee has some great events going on this month and ways for you to spread a little awareness.  To find out more, visit tnautism.org 


Thoughts and Thanks:

 Morgan Cutting the Ribbon for the 2012 Bluebird Round

Morgan turned 19 this year.  Here she is, opening last year's Autism Awareness Show at the Bluebird Cafe'.  Our buddy , Richard Trest is on your right.  That guy on the left is Stephen Lee Veal.  I first met him and his wife, Julie, through an NSAI songwriters' group in Mobile.  Morgan was just 3 years old then, running around Papa Doolies Coffee shop while we played a writers' night.  Julie asked if I needed a hand, and I asked her what she knew about autism.  She smiled.  That's when I found out they had a daughter on the spectrum who was a young adult.  They became dear friends.  When our family held the first autism benefit at the Bluebird in 2001, Steve and Julie were there.  And they've been making the trip up to Nashville every year since.  When I sit down again this year and look to my right, I know I'll hear the sweet music of a lasting friendship.  Thank you Steve and Julie!



Tuesday April 9th - Nashville, TN

The Bluebird Cafe' 

Morgan Vice will open this year's round with a ribbon cutting.  Our good buddy Richard Trest initiated this last year and Morgan thought it was pretty cool. 

Twelfth Annual Breaking the Chains Benefit for ASMT

Logan Blade will be featured on both rounds

Early Round 6:00pm Tammy Vice, Stephen Lee Veal, Tony Ray Jones, and John Swaim

Late Round 9:00 pm Les Kerr, Jerry Salley, Wood Newton, and Jimmy Fortune

We'll pass the Big Loud Hat for early round donations. There is a $10.00 cover for late round.  100% of the proceeds go to The Autism Society of Middle Tennessee, serving counties in middle Tennessee.

Reservations can be made online at The Bluebird Cafe' one week prior to the event.

Tuesday April 30th - Nashville, TN

The Country Music Hall of Fame

6:00 pm Words and Music Night

A selection of songs from the Words and Music Program this school year will be performed by the students and writers.


Thursday August 15th - Nashville, TN

The Radison Hotel Nashville Airport

National Church Conference for the Blind


Until Next Time,                                                                                                             

Know The Hope!   

Tammy Vice


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