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Happy August!  The summer season is wrapping up.  Here's the latest...

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We want to hear more from you  We've started a Facebook LIVE post to connect, answer questions, and learn together.  Here is a link to July's post on Family Gatherings, with Morgan Vice as a special guest.   

"I am brave.  I am bruised.  I am who I'm meant to be.  This is me." - Lettie Lutz in the Greatest Showman

Each month we share our family's journey with autism, the ups and the downs, always with the intention of helping and encouraging other families. Please click on the BLUE Button at the bottom of our newsletter to visit this month's Know the Hope blog; Family Gatherings.  

"When you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism."  We've been sharing our family's story on our Facebook Page for a while now, following Morgan on her adventures.  This has been in an effort to create understanding in the greater community, and encourage other families living with loved ones on the autism spectrum.  We truly hope we're making a difference.  So...
Morgan's Book, 52 Blue Mondays, is 25% off now with the coupon code: BLUEDEAL (discount available through bookshop only) 

 Know The Hope, Inc. Disability Advocacy through the Arts. We help communities see ability, and parents see possibility.  Morgan & Mom share our family's experience through stories and songs to give you a personal view of life on the autism spectrum. 

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We hope you'll visit our YouTube Channel (YouTube Tammy Vice) where we share Life with Morgan, a young adult on the autism spectrum.  Family moments, love, laughter and learning through the Arts.

Summer Mondays  - Monthly Facebook LIVE

August 26th 9:30am CST - A Visit With Mom

Getting to Know each other - Community awareness, questions and answers about autism,...

Interviews with community partners, and families

Saturday, August 24th - Hendersonville, TN

Hendersonville SDA Church Anderson Lane

11:00 am Worship service special music 


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Know The Hope,

Tammy Vice

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