June 2014 Newsletter


Happy June.  School is out and summer is in session!  We hope this finds you all doing well.  Here's the latest


Logan Blade recently performed at the World War II Memorial for Memorial Day, and made a visit to the nation's Capitol.  He is having a busy summer!  His new project, UnSpoken will be available online soon.  For the latest updates click here.


Did I mention our family has a wedding coming up this September.  Allison will be tying the knot! ;-)  We've just celebrated two graduations.  We're taking a very short breath, and then it's time to start planning that other walk down the aisle!  I'll be making music in between, joining Logan Blade every chance I get.  ;-) This continues to be a very blessed and busy year.  Thank you all who have been a part!


News worth repeating:

Friends at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center have created a guide for Faith Communities who want to be more inclusive:  Welcoming Individuals With Develpmental Disabilities and Their Families

Congregational Practice Guide 2014


Thoughts and Thanks:

While the goals my girls set are very different, my dream for each of them is the same.  I want them to have a happy and fulfilled life.  I want them to know the joy of living life with a purpose.  Click on the link below to see more about Ms. Masters and Ms. Mischief.

 Wordpress Know The Hope Blog 

Allison and Morgan Celebrating Graduation




August 16th - Shelbyville, TN

Bedford County Agricultural Center

Performing with Logan Blade

Big Smo is scheduled to perform 

Here's a clip of his upcoming Reality Show


3:00 pm till 10:00 pm Details TBA

I Am What I Am Festival 2014


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